Improving Water Security must become a top priority for all nations. Countries such as the Middle East and N. Africa are some of the World’s most water stressed regions which is a direct threat to the region’s stability, human well-being and sustainable growth. The United States is also at risk - make no mistake, just because water runs from the tap today may not be the case tomorrow. Sustainable water management will play a vital role in building resilience, keeping peace and improving the lives and well-beings of all people. We must embrace water in a 21st Century "circular use" model involving water recycle and reuse.


It has been said that “necessity is the Mother of invention”. This directly applies to the Middle East and N. Africa as they have taken the lead in securing technological solutions and water conservation practices to manage their water resources to avoid scarcity. Nations in this region understand and respect the criticality of water security and have begun to implement initiatives such as the UAE’s “Water Security Strategy 2036” and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s “National Water Strategy” to achieve water security. Energy efficient technology is key to solving water security issues.


Investment in innovative policies and plans are pivotal to achieving water security but more importantly, countries must work together across boundaries where collaboration is essential. Strategic national plans for proactive water resource management and use have become of critical importance in promoting and achieving a sustainable water supply for all. We must also not lose sight of the fact that water must not only be sustainable but must be of an acceptable quality to support well-being, sustaining livelihoods and socio-economic development.