AQUOVUM GLOBAL’s mission is to mitigate global water and food scarcity throughout the world by developing and deploying innovative, sustainable solutions that will have lasting social, economic, and environmental impact across the globe.


Our philosophy is centered on our unwaivering commitment to support our mission through demonstrating our core values of honesty, integrity, and excellence in all that we do and with respect for humanity and our environment.

Our company vision is to be recognized as the industry leader in the Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) market across Home, Commercial, and Industrial markets in combatting the global water crisis and component food crisis. Our complimentary line of water purification, recycle, and oxygenation products will further our impact on water quality and food security throughout the world.


AQV Global’s AWG solution requires only three resources: humidity that occurs naturally in the atmosphere, ambient temperatures above 52 degrees Fahrenheit, and heat which is the basis for powering our AWG technology. In locations where these conditions are met, water will be plentiful, and our proposed power source provides for 100% sustainability. Our solution leaves behind nothing but potable water for consumption.

Everything we do takes the environment and critical resources into careful consideration and as a result, there are zero carbon emissions, humidity extracted from the air is naturally replenished by the earth’s hydrologic cycle, and there is zero water waste (unlike other methods such as reverse osmosis and desalination which loses approximately 70% of its water for processing).