AQUOVUM GLOBAL’S AWG and Water Purification products are perfect for remote destinations and can operate in the harshest climates which makes them ideal for mission-critical military operations. Taking it a step further, AQV GLOBAL offers our products in MILSPEC versions that meet and exceed the most demanding operational requirements.


The concept of MILSPEC involves system redundancy to meet the demand of mission-critical operations. We design redundancy in all of our AWG products through our "building block" method of combining single AWG units. In our MILSPEC version, we have added additional electrical circuits and system failover, variable control of sub-systems, proprietary ease of use features, and special features specifically designed with troops in mind.


Our MILSPEC products are housed in 20' and 10' shipping containers that provide robust transportability and are fully inter-modal; truck, train, plane or ship. We have also included the MILSPEC upgrade of shock-mounting internal components in order to meet rugged operational demands including potential airdrop of our products.


AQV GLOBAL'S MILSPEC products are housed in shipping containers specifically modified to include various levels of ballistic protection including EN1522 FB5/6/7, NIJ 0108.01 levels IIIA, III and IV or higher levels of protection if required.