AQUOVUM GLOBAL'S AWG products are the most efficient on the market (3.8 liters per kW/h at 80F/26.6C and 60RH) and as a result generate the highest volumes of water (1765 GPD / 6681 LPD) in a 20" shipping container footprint. This allows us to provide industrial volumes of water using AW1000 20' shipping containers as larger building blocks.


Our design of a Water Farm consists of positioning 50 or 100 AW1000 AWG systems adjacent to the location where water is required and then banking the generated water. We then integrate renewable energy through our collaboration partner, Azelio, providing their ground-breaking TES-POD technology eliminating electrical batteries and providing 24/7 green power creating an uninterruptable water supply from a sustainable source; the atmosphere.


Water Farms can be used to support Strategic Water Reserves by recharging ground water sources such as aquifers. Water Farm's can also be positioned to support agricultural operations and other industrial water requiremements via incorporating water storage tanks or cisterns.