According to Global Market Insights, the Commercial AWG market is rapidly growing and is expected to represent a growth of 19% through 2027. Our AW1000 AWG system is the product to drive the Commercial market growth.


Our circular “closed-loop” method of water use collects water from the atmosphere, outdoor or indoor, using AWG technology. The collected water is then purified, mineralized, and super-oxygenated using our Patent-Pending AQUOVUM™ System. The water is then given to plants which transpire the water back into the atmosphere to repeat the continuous, closed-loop cycle.


There are numerous scientific studies published confirming the benefits of super-oxygenated water when used on plants. Over 25% more harvest is recognized while accelerating the time it takes to grow. It is scientifically proven that elevated levels of Dissolved Oxygen are highly beneficial in promoting and maintaining soil health through the support of beneficial microbes. Soil health promotes better root health, and as a result, provides increased nutrient uptake and elevated immune defense. The results are a larger, healthier root structure which equates to increased uptake of nutrients resulting in greater yields. Published studies also concluded positive effects when given to livestock and used in Aquaculture.


AQV’s Split AC & AWG was designed with indoor agriculture in mind. A stable climate is vital to maximum results and our system provides this and also captures effluent water supporting the Closed-Loop circular method of water use.