AQUOVUM GLOBAL’s AWG technology has been designed and engineered to do one thing… continue generating potable water under the harshest and most demanding conditions. Our AWG products support mission critical operations, national water security initiatives and other emergency situations.

We incorporate a “building block” model that begins with one single Cooling Condenser AWG unit that serves the Home market. To scale water generation we simply combine single units and integrate them in a 20’ shipping container which now becomes our much larger building block. 20’ shipping containers can then be combined to scale water generation to infinite volumes.

Unlike many of our competitors who scale component size in order to scale water generation, our building block method provides several benefits including; energy efficiency, low noise, and perhaps most importantly… redundancy. In the unlikely event that one of our sub-units would fail, this would only account for a small decrease in water generation, and our “plug and play” engineering allows anyone to simply swap out a replacement unit.

An important factor to consider when comparing AWG technology is the technology platform that the system is based upon. Cooling Condenser AWG technology is by far the most common, with products based upon Dehumidification technology and products based upon HVAC technology. The big difference is efficiency; HVAC uses 70% of energy to cool and 30% to remove water. In contrast, Dehumidification uses only 35% of energy on cooling and 65% of energy on removing water. HVAC is simply not designed to remove water efficiently and high humidity diminishes performance. Simply scaling in size using HVAC and large compressors will never match the efficiency of Dehumidification technology which is why we work with the leading manufacturer of dehumidification technology in North America.


Daily Generation (24 hrs)
Generation Efficiency
1765 GPD / 6681 LPD*
3.8 liters per kW/h
Competitor #1 - Middle East
1585 GPD / 6000 LPD
2.7 liters per kW/h
Competitor #2 - USA
1400 GPD / 5300 LPD
2.1 liters per kW/h
Competitor #3 - China
250 GPD / 1000 LPD
1.6 liters per kW/h
Efficiency calculated using data publicly available on competitor websites and in product brochures
(24 hour water generation divided by amount of power used in 24 hours = liters per kW/h)
* Baseline water generation at 80F/26.6C and 60RH